Heels, Glitters, disco stick… OMG it’s Lady Gaga! :)

Have you seen this Lady?

Of course you do! It’s Lady Gaga…and I love her!


I love her fashion, and her Music. She’s actually beautiful.

On whatever rumor she’s included, I don’t know if I would be agreeing with that, specially on negative ones.


Any way, come on look at her, who wouldn’t want to have that look, I want that look… do you like that look? of course you do.

She’s sexy, she have a lovely voice, and she have that pretty face, that can speak “I’m hot!”


see! she’s hot! haha.



I have her album, the fame monster, I’m panning to collect the other cds, and I’m trying to have that body. haha. Is that possible?


This is the picture I really love…

So hot! she looks simple there, and beautiful. šŸ™‚



I want an autograph from Lady Gaga. šŸ™‚




The reaper


Poker Face! šŸ™‚

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Bunny Year!


cute bunny! haha. it’s the year of the rabbits! cute ears!

all bunnies are cute, of course, i always wanted to own one of this rabbits but I’m afraid of rabbit bites. They may think you’re fingers are carrot sticks. XD


except for this bunny, this ain’t cute!


for cryin’ out loud! who would ever like this bunny!


I’ll buy rabbit ears, malls have it. šŸ™‚

When I see rabbits, the first thing that comes to my mind is

“Don’t stick your finger in! That creature will bite it! although it’s cute, it has big teeth! ”

brrrrrr. Rabbit teeth, sharp.


OOOH. easter bunnies! When I was a kid, I thought bunnies really lay eggs. well, i realized it after a few weeks, when I saw a real bunny. I also thought that the eggs that we eat during breakfast came from bunnies. errrr… I still hate eggs.


ohhhh! kissing bunnies!

cute bunnies! šŸ™‚


I wonder why in cartoons, bunnies are in pink colors? Bunnies are not pink, well if you colored it pink, it will be pink, but i haven’t seen pink ones. I really like white ones and the grey ones. And i like small bunnies!




For this year, give everybody bunny hugs! 2011 bunnies!




the bunny… oops… i mean the reaper. šŸ™‚


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Seeing Orange :)

Whew! ever saw a talking orange? I sure did. And I’m loving that orange. šŸ™‚ It’s annoying orange! I’ve been watching this Orange for over a year and I’m still going insane. *sigh* I wish i could see his make danoebe. Oh well! I’m just sharing. šŸ™‚

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Foods to die for here in the Philippine! (tah-dah!)(*fireworks*)

Everybody loves food. And I love eating. So, here’s the thing. If you visit our country here in the Philippines, you must try this foods that is truly made here in the Philippines.


1.Chicken Adobo

Well it’s chicken cooked with soy sauce and some spices. It tastes really good. Pork Adobo is good too, if you like pork. Some eat it with rice poured by coffee, well it sound a little weird but if you tried it, it’s good with adobo.


2. Sinigang

It’s a soup, but we eat it with rice. It could have pork(pork sinigang), shrimp (shrimp sinigang), and Bangus or milk fish in english (Bangus sinigang). It has a distinct sour taste, but not the sour taste that comes from citrus fruits. Eat it on a rainy day you’ll sure love it.


3. Pinakbet

For vegetable lovers. It’s all vegetables, it’s your choice if you want to add meat.


4. Chopsuey

Another vegetable meal.


5. Pancit Bihon

It’s a noodle dish. Thin noodles are used in this dish. For noodle lover.


6. Kare-Kare

It has meat, vegetables and crushed peanuts for the sauce with other spices. Eat it with Bagoong.


7. Lechon

Roast Pork. When we say Lechon you’ll see the whole Pig roasted. It has a chicken version. our Lechon has a unique sauce that will truly give it’s flavor.



Ground meat with spices wrapped in Lumpia wrapper. You’ll surely love it with Pancit Bihon.


9. Champorado

For chocolate lovers, we have champorado. It’s actually a soup. Rice with Cocoa. Eat it with danggit (dried fish)


10. Dinuguan

I know it’s weird. You can call it Blood stew. Don’t lose you appetite yet, it’s a good dish. Pig’s blood with meat. It’s 100% clean and cooked well, there’sĀ  no need to worry. Plus, we really eat it here, you won’t see any red blood there, only cooked blood. Just try it, it’s really good.


11. Kakanin

Filipinos love kakanin. Basically it’s made with malagkit na kanin or sticky rice and brown sugar. If you happen to visit the provinces there are lots of kakanins there.


There it is. All Filipino foods, try it all when you visit our country. šŸ™‚

Maraming Salamat po! Balik po kayo! (Thank you very much! Come again! )



the reaper

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New year!

So it’s 2011, good bye 2010 thanks for the memories šŸ™‚


New year, for the kids it means Fireworks! Fireworks are used to ward off the bad things through it’s loud sound.

Any way, fireworks are cool, it’s really pretty. I want to see it someday while riding a plane, and new year is the exact date for that. Imagine the sky full of fireworks and you’re up there, riding the airplane looking at the window, it would be so cool. XD


I want the fireworks that looks like a fountain. haha.

Every body likes new year, it’s a time for celebration. *sigh* i miss the old days already.

Oh well, I’m ready for 2011! :))

So let’s party guys! i know it’s a little bit late, but it’s still January šŸ™‚ the first month of the year šŸ™‚



the reaper

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Finally! :)

Finally i’m on this site:) after ummm… a few days of being confused at this site, i’m now ready to write here. whew! šŸ™‚ good luck for me šŸ™‚

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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