Bunny Year!


cute bunny! haha. it’s the year of the rabbits! cute ears!

all bunnies are cute, of course, i always wanted to own one of this rabbits but I’m afraid of rabbit bites. They may think you’re fingers are carrot sticks. XD


except for this bunny, this ain’t cute!


for cryin’ out loud! who would ever like this bunny!


I’ll buy rabbit ears, malls have it. 🙂

When I see rabbits, the first thing that comes to my mind is

“Don’t stick your finger in! That creature will bite it! although it’s cute, it has big teeth! ”

brrrrrr. Rabbit teeth, sharp.


OOOH. easter bunnies! When I was a kid, I thought bunnies really lay eggs. well, i realized it after a few weeks, when I saw a real bunny. I also thought that the eggs that we eat during breakfast came from bunnies. errrr… I still hate eggs.


ohhhh! kissing bunnies!

cute bunnies! 🙂


I wonder why in cartoons, bunnies are in pink colors? Bunnies are not pink, well if you colored it pink, it will be pink, but i haven’t seen pink ones. I really like white ones and the grey ones. And i like small bunnies!




For this year, give everybody bunny hugs! 2011 bunnies!




the bunny… oops… i mean the reaper. 🙂


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