Seeing Orange :)

Whew! ever saw a talking orange? I sure did. And I’m loving that orange. 🙂 It’s annoying orange! I’ve been watching this Orange for over a year and I’m still going insane. *sigh* I wish i could see his make danoebe. Oh well! I’m just sharing. 🙂

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New year!

So it’s 2011, good bye 2010 thanks for the memories 🙂


New year, for the kids it means Fireworks! Fireworks are used to ward off the bad things through it’s loud sound.

Any way, fireworks are cool, it’s really pretty. I want to see it someday while riding a plane, and new year is the exact date for that. Imagine the sky full of fireworks and you’re up there, riding the airplane looking at the window, it would be so cool. XD


I want the fireworks that looks like a fountain. haha.

Every body likes new year, it’s a time for celebration. *sigh* i miss the old days already.

Oh well, I’m ready for 2011! :))

So let’s party guys! i know it’s a little bit late, but it’s still January 🙂 the first month of the year 🙂



the reaper

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Finally! :)

Finally i’m on this site:) after ummm… a few days of being confused at this site, i’m now ready to write here. whew! 🙂 good luck for me 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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